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Prayer for ones spouse

October 3rd, 2008 by Fr. Vasile

Lord Jesus Christ our God Who taught us that we should always pray for each other for in this way we will fulfill Your law and we will be found worthy of your mercy look with compassion and safeguard my husband (wife) which you have granted me in order to spend our  lives together until the end. Give him (her) health and perfect wisdom to fulfill his (her) duties following your will and commandments. Protect him (her) from the temptations that he (she) May not be able to bear. Strengthen him (her) in the Orthodox faith and in perfect love so we can work together the good deeds and align our lives by your holy commandments. For Yours is the dominion and the power to the ages. Amen

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  • O Lord Our Lord You who teach us to unceasingly pray for each other as we thus fulfill Thy law and are worthy of Thy mercy protect my spouse from the known and unknown enemies until death will put us apart. Give him (her) life and wisdom so he(she) can fulfill his(her) duties according to Thy will and commandments. Protect him(her) from temptations he(she) would not endure. Strengthen him(her) in the Orthodox faith and righteous love so we can stay together in good deeds and build our shelter on the rock of Thy holy teachings and commandments. For Thine is the kingdom and the glory for ever and ever. Amin.

    (this is my own traslation done yesterday afternoon)

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