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’s Entertainment – How The Bible Series Fails to Deliver to the Christian Community">Its Entertainment – How The Bible Series Fails to Deliver to the Christian Community

April 8th, 2013 1 Comment

Resurrection Chora Monastery ConstantinopleThe recent TV mini-series on the History Channel, “The Bible,” proved to be a big hit as it cleverly coincided with the preparation period before the Western celebration of Pascha. No less than 10 million people followed through each of the 5 episodes of what was supposed to be a sort of Reader’s Digest version of the history contained in the sacred scriptures.

Ten million people is a lot of people to follow a Bible-based show, and I wondered how come, in a society that is as secularized and cross-cultural as ours, we can still find that many people to be still interested in what the old Bible has to say?

I found the answer

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Concerning Angels by Metropolitan ISAIAH of Denver

January 26th, 2010 No Comments

Due to a series of unfortunate events I recently watched the super Holywood production “Legion”. Five minutes into the movie I wished I was not there and by the end I concluded that nothing is sacred to the film industry. The movie is an apocaliptical  thriller about the destruction of humankind by God that got fed-up with humankind.  So He sends out a zombie-like army led by an obedient Archangel Gabriel that stops to nothing in fulfilling their mission. The problem starts when the Archangel Michael disagrees with God and goes on to fight back with knives, machine guns and bazookas. Go figure.

Leaving  aside the fact that the movie is so bad, the most horrifying thing to me is the eroneous depiction… Continue reading

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’s Mirror – Stop doing what you think you should be doing">Tarkovskys Mirror – Stop doing what you think you should be doing

February 27th, 2009 No Comments

tarkovskyThe "Mirror", the fourth film in Tarkovsky's line-up of 7 cinematographic wonders,  is not made for the casual observer. It has no classic plot, it is anchored in a society that is far, far away, and most of all has no happy ending.

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The Monastery – Mr. Vig and the Nun

February 4th, 2009 No Comments

The Monastery: Mr Vig & The Nun is a powerful movie that brings the spiritual struggle of man into light. Mr. Vig is an eccentric Danish who's life dream is to establish an Orthodox Monastery in a decrepit castle he bough as a bargain 50 years ago. After many failed attempts Mr. Vig finally succeeds to convince the Russian to...

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’ve seen">One of the best movies Ive seen

December 18th, 2008 No Comments

Since next week due to Christmas services schedule we are not going to have our monthly Film Dialogues I thought about reminding you of a movie that we've seen about an year ago that I think we need to see over and over as refresher. The movie, for those that haven't seen it yet, is about a man that becomes a monk...

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The Nativity Story

November 24th, 2008 No Comments

Continue reading

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A love divided – the true story behind the movie

October 23rd, 2008 No Comments

LOVE CONQUERS ALL; But for decades a village paid the price of


IT was one of Ireland’s most shocking episodes. The mixed marriage of Sean and Sheila Cloney hit the headlines in the 1950s when it led to the bitter Fethard-on-Sea boycott in Co Wexford.

Catholics refused to buy goods from their Protestant neighbours after Sheila refused to honour the infamous Ne Temere pledge to send her daughters Eileen and Mary to the local Catholic school. So great was the pressure on Sheila that she fled to Belfast and then Scotland with her daughters.

This prompted local priest Fr Stafford to order… Continue reading

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The Tiger and the Snow

October 3rd, 2008 1 Comment

I found this interesting article, although quite difficult to read in its entirety, about Roberto Benigni’s movie we watched last week.  See bellow some excerpts. Full article here (not free however…)

“Robert Benigni’s most recent movie ‘La tigre e la neve’ (The tiger and the snow, 2005, Italy, available both in English and Italian) deserves the attention of the futurists not for its being able to indicate premises about the life modes of the next generations, but rather because of his intrinsic endeavor to emphasize that certain values prevail (or shall prevail) through out time and space. This two dimensional facet of interaction is present in ‘La tigre e la neve’. On the one hand… Continue reading

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