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The case for early marriage

August 5th, 2009 by Fr. Vasile

crowningA very interesting article by Mark Regnerus making the case for early marriage as a  a way to deal with pre-marital sexuality divorce rates and economical crisis. You can read the article here

One of the most interesting statements of  the article in my opinion is this: Most young Americans no longer think of marriage as a formative institution but rather as the institution they enter once they think they are fully formed.

Think about it for a second we postpone the marriage until we have a good education until we have a promissing and stable career a house a car and a savings account. All sounds good theoretically but by the time you reach all that youre already 40! On top of this youve probaly had a wealth of experiences with persons of the oposite gender youve developed life habits sleep habits food tastes and strong political convictions  and none of them can be bent.

Despite all this we still expect that well find a person that well perfectly match the complicated and rigid person that we have become. In my opinion the chances are slim. I dont say impossible but they are slim. The rates of divorce speak in my favor.

On the other hand if one starts marriage early (not as early as teen-age years of course) everything is possible. Even if the match is not perfect the material is still flexible can be bent and adjusted before it hardens and becomes unchanging. As a friend of mine says they have not been tainted by life . They are not just sexually virgins but also pure and idealists in terms of what life has prepared for them.

In a young couple one starts with a clean slate and forms using each other as molding guide by living together in the character developing years. Going through austere periods choosing paths in life together taking tough decisions rasing children are all experiences that  make the sacred union of marriage come to life as the two become one flesh according to the  Scripture.

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